Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Low-turbulence Subsonic Wind Tunnel

Berkeley Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of California at Berkeley

The U.C. Berkeley/FML low-turbulence subsonic wind tunnel is one of the largest low-turbulence wind tunnels in existance. The tunnel has a 80cm x 80cm x 3m test section and measured turbulence levels are less than 0.5%. The tunnel has a computer controlled feedback loop to keep desired wind velocities stable. A schematic of the tunnel is shown below.

Wind Tunnel Schematic

The wind tunnel has a six-component sting balance, a two-dimensional traverse with probe mounts, and a computer station to control and measure wind velocity, probes, and model parameters. The tunnel is used for both research and instruction and is available for industrial research needs.

Wind Tunnel Instrumentation Schematic

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